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Dundee The Caring City (SCIO) is a charity registered in Scotland SC046285

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Dundee the Caring City....


Was established in 2015 to manage the day to day running of Dundee Refugee Support. DTCC is now the mother organisation which allows the daily operation of the grassroots project Dundee Refugee Support to continue in order to fulfil its obligations to the cause of aiding refugees. Dundee The Caring City maintains its objective to help wherever possible, those suffering the effects of poverty for whatever reason, whether from the local area or from overseas.


Dundee The Caring City operates from Dundee as Dundee's own rapid response aid agency, providing support to groups and organisations and assisting with the relief of suffering across the region, country and globe.


                In January 2016 Dundee The Caring City was awarded charitable status by OSCR.


Dundee Refugee Support...

In the wake of the heartbreaking images of baby Aylan Kurdi's body found washed up upon the beach, DRS was established to raise awareness of the plight of refugees from War Torn Syria and to send aid to the areas of desperate need. DRS soon became Scotland's largest drop off and sorting centre and quickly gained the support of many high profile politicians, and dignatories. As the plight continues and as children and adults continue to drown while fleeing to safety we will also continue our mission to help.


We believe that Scotland is a nation with strong humanitarian values. Together, across our associated charity and volunteer groups, we believe that we, as a collective, can provide strategic humanitarian aid to refugees transiting through Europe on route to a safer future. By working together in a coordinated way, people will know that Scotland cares in times of crisis. Thousands of lives will be positively impacted by our collective action.


Both Dundee the Caring City and Dundee Refugee Support continue to work with organisations right here at home and across the world to ensure that the people of Dundee and the surrounding areas can help wherever and whenever possible.

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You can help too

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